Are you using yesterday’s SOA architecture for today’s $OA applications?

Do You Really Need that ESB?  A look at the next generation Enterprise Architecture

As enterprises seek to integrate Cloud and Mobile channels, enterprise IT architects are presented with many new challenges. The traditional architecture for web based applications does not always effectively link to mobile and cloud side applications. The days of a monolithic central point of integration are numbered as enterprises use a myriad of applications in their daily business, both on-premises and in the Cloud (e.g. SalesForce). Lightweight Web APIs are how these applications are delivered and in an API-centric world, the traditional, ESB-based integration point is no longer really valid. So how does the enterprise respond under the shifting sands of this evolving IT architecture and turn its SOA investment into $OA driven, revenue generating services.

What you will learn

. How Mobile and Cloud are changing the traditional architecture patterns
. Examples of differing traditional and new architecture patterns
. Best practice approaches to integrating cloud and mobile applications with your enterprise architecture