Best Practices – Bridging Modern API Architectures With Your Enterprise Security Infrastructure

A modern API architecture allows enterprises to quickly build and deploy mobile and cloud applications that promote user engagement and effectively execute business transactions across B2B, cloud and mobile channels. But what about their dependence upon existing enterprise services, and how do you address the security, integration and governance issues around API deployment?

Join Jason Cardinal, Managing Director with Identica, and Mark O’Neill from Axway for a webinar on “Bridging Modern API Architectures with Your Enterprise Security Infrastructure,” as we discuss how REST-based APIs, while enjoying enormous popularity for connecting mobile and cloud-based applications to business critical enterprise data and applications, can pose security challenges for existing SOA enterprise solutions from Oracle, CA, and others.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Extend API Security and IDAuth to Enterprise IDM platforms like Oracle and CA
  • Manage, delivers and secures applications and enterprise APIs
  • Control API lifecycle from creation to end-of-life