APIs – A Key Part of Your Enterprise Engagement Strategy
Join Forrester VP and principal analyst Jeffrey Hammond and Mark O’Neill from Vordel for a discussion of how enterprise are turning APIs into corporate platforms, and why API management is a crucial part of what it takes to be successful.

The IAM-As-An-API Era: You Must Become A Cloud Identity Services Provider
Federated single sign-on has invaded the social networking world, with the “social sign-in” pattern demonstrating powerful new ways of sourcing identity data

OAuth Enterprise Patterns
In this webinar, API and security experts from Vordel and aurionPro SENA will discuss enterprise deployment patterns for OAuth.
OAuth has become the de-facto standard for securing Cloud and mobile APIs, yet most of the published OAuth use cases relate to social media and consumer centric scenarios. Implementing OAuth for B2B use cases is by no means a straight forward exercise and very little has been documented about how to use OAuth with legacy security protocols or indeed existing enterprise IT infrastructures. For more on OAuth from Vordel see http://resources.vordel.com/index.php/tag/oauth/

Securely Exchange Sensitive Healthcare Information In A Cloud & Mobile World
Healthcare IT professionals are presented with new challenges and opportunities as they seek to leverage Cloud and Mobile technologies to enable doctors and patients access medical files via multiple devices from multiple locations.

Secure REST APIs Using Oracle Access Manager Or CA Siteminder
Learn how to manage API Delivery and Security with Rajesh Mittal, VP Technologies, Amerindia and Wayne Delisser, Solution Architect, Vordel

Webinar: Architecting Your Delivery Platform for the API Economy
As enterprise architects meet the growing tide of API demand, where to now for the SOA infrastructures they have invested in over the past 5 years? This webinar outlines how to leverage SOA Application Gateways to efficiently manage APIs and deliver on the enterprise's API strategy goals.

Webinar: The Expanding Role of Gateways in A Modern IT Architecture
In this webinar, Forrester Analyst Randy Heffner discusses the expanding usage of gateway technology and how it can be used to deploy Enterprise Applications Beyond The Network Perimeter; Consume Cloud Services Without Losing Control or Compromising Security and to Secure All Application Connections Using Enterprise Security Infrastructure

Webinar: Bridging Security from The Enterprise to The Cloud
Webinar on how to extend enterprise security platforms to protect Cloud based resources. Cloud computing presents significant value to organizations. However, the downside is that few organizations wish to trust third-parties with their corporate data. To address this, Vordel enables organizations Bridging Security from the enterprise to the Cloud safely without undermining their underlying corporate security policies.

Webinar: Sicherheit bei der Verwendung von Webservices
Webinar: Es werden die wichtigsten Security Maßnahmen beim Einsatz von Webservice an einem Beispiel aus der Praxis, der „Deutsche Bausparkasse Badenia AG “, gezeigt.

Webinar: Using REST to Connect to iPhone Apps and Facebook, Blackhawk Case Study
A webinar case study of how Safeway subsidiary, Blackhawk Network secures REST services for its iPhone app and Facebook store