How to convert from REST to SOAP
How to convert from REST to SOAP. The popular advantages of REST over SOAP are well known: It's easier to write a REST client,.. But what if you have SOAP Web Services and your clients are crying out for REST Web Services instead?

APIs: The Soft Underbelly of On-line Banking
APIs: The Soft Underbelly of On-line Banking is the most recent guest blog written by Vordel CTO, Mark O'Neill, for the guys over at the programmableWeb on the spate of recent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on banks in the US.

Next Generation API Delivery Platform Whitepaper
This whitepaper will examine how the application architecture is changing to enable the rapid delivery of business services via APIs

White Paper: Enterprise API Management
This white paper is written for enterprise architects or persons with similar responsibilities that seek to understand the API management technology landscape, and are involved in the development of API management strategy and reference architecture.

Webinar: Architecting Your Delivery Platform for the API Economy
As enterprise architects meet the growing tide of API demand, where to now for the SOA infrastructures they have invested in over the past 5 years? This webinar outlines how to leverage SOA Application Gateways to efficiently manage APIs and deliver on the enterprise's API strategy goals.

Webinar: The Expanding Role of Gateways in A Modern IT Architecture
In this webinar, Forrester Analyst Randy Heffner discusses the expanding usage of gateway technology and how it can be used to deploy Enterprise Applications Beyond The Network Perimeter; Consume Cloud Services Without Losing Control or Compromising Security and to Secure All Application Connections Using Enterprise Security Infrastructure

Calling REST API from an Android App
In this video, you can see an Android app running in the Android emulator, which is calling a REST API on the Vordel Gateway. At the Gateway, you can see the REST API request is being dynamically converted to SOAP. All without writing any code :-)

Free your Data with an API and The Apps will Follow
The API economy has resulted in a philosophical switch in the mindset of many organizations that are now making access to internal data available, enabling partners and customers to develop value-added applications on top of this data.

Webinar: Using REST to Connect to iPhone Apps and Facebook, Blackhawk Case Study
A webinar case study of how Safeway subsidiary, Blackhawk Network secures REST services for its iPhone app and Facebook store

Webinar: Enabling Mobile Applications Easily and Securely
The drive towards mobile applications has opened up questions of security. Mobile In this webinar we examine with specialist mobile security partner, Cigital, how organizations protect against attackers trying to reverse engineer or otherwise attack the mobile application, or attack the Web Services feeding it data.