How to convert from REST to SOAP
How to convert from REST to SOAP. The popular advantages of REST over SOAP are well known: It's easier to write a REST client,.. But what if you have SOAP Web Services and your clients are crying out for REST Web Services instead?

Following real-time API design
It's fascinating to read Steve Chamber's real-time notes on the design of his API. In particular, I was interested in the section on which authentication model to use. It's such a common question: which authentication scheme to use for APIs.

Webinar: The Expanding Role of Gateways in A Modern IT Architecture
In this webinar, Forrester Analyst Randy Heffner discusses the expanding usage of gateway technology and how it can be used to deploy Enterprise Applications Beyond The Network Perimeter; Consume Cloud Services Without Losing Control or Compromising Security and to Secure All Application Connections Using Enterprise Security Infrastructure

Application Gateway Buyer’s Guide
What to look for when buying an Application/ XML / SOA Gateway. This comprehensive Buyer's Guide provides you with hype-free information to help you evaluate an application gateway (also known as XML gateway, SOA application gateway, and SOA appliance).

Vordel Reporter Screencast Web Services for SOA Governance
vordel reporter screencast

Applying Identity to SOA
In the joined up world of SOA, trust and auditability, based on a solid foundation of identity management are vital. In this White Paper, we examine the role of identity management within the enterprise and explain how the benefits of identity management can be brought to bear on SOA.

Demo: Controlling Access to Services with Vordel and Oracle Access Manager
Product demonstration showing integration between Vordel Application Gateway and Oracle Access Manager. Reduce security exposure and simplify security integration across your services and applications.

Energize Web Services with Redaction Action
Blog on how without the ability to redact Web Services using a Gateway, the inevitable proliferation of services will become a challenge to keep track of and a nightmare to manage the difficulty of applying code revisions or updates to each web service.

TIBCO Rendezvous Integration Guide
This document describes how to configure the Vordel Application Gateway to perform protocol translation and connect to TIBCO Rendezvous.

Oracle Service Registry Integration Guide
This guide describes how to configure Vordel Application Gateway to connect to the Oracle Service Registry (OSR) in order to browse service data held in the registry, and also to publish service data to the registry.