eBook – How to build an enterprise API platform
Embrace the API economy today and make it work for your organization, customers, partners and employees. Download this free eBook today: How To Build an Enterprise API Platform "20 Ways To Better Deliver, Manage & Secure APIs"

20 Ways To Better Deliver, Manage & Secure APIs

Next Generation API Delivery Platform Whitepaper
This whitepaper will examine how the application architecture is changing to enable the rapid delivery of business services via APIs

White Paper: Enterprise API Management
This white paper is written for enterprise architects or persons with similar responsibilities that seek to understand the API management technology landscape, and are involved in the development of API management strategy and reference architecture.

Application Gateway Buyer’s Guide
What to look for when buying an Application/ XML / SOA Gateway. This comprehensive Buyer's Guide provides you with hype-free information to help you evaluate an application gateway (also known as XML gateway, SOA application gateway, and SOA appliance).

Application Gateway Buyer RFP Template
A feature checklist to compare application gateways (also known as XML gateways, SOA application gateways, and SOA Appliances) during the selection process.

SharePoint Access Management Solution
This white paper is written for enterprise architects and security professionals who need to understand the challenges of integrating Microsoft SharePoint to enterprise access management technologies.