How to convert from REST to SOAP
How to convert from REST to SOAP. The popular advantages of REST over SOAP are well known: It's easier to write a REST client,.. But what if you have SOAP Web Services and your clients are crying out for REST Web Services instead?

APIs: The Soft Underbelly of On-line Banking
APIs: The Soft Underbelly of On-line Banking is the most recent guest blog written by Vordel CTO, Mark O'Neill, for the guys over at the programmableWeb on the spate of recent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on banks in the US.

Secure REST APIs Using Oracle Access Manager Or CA Siteminder
Learn how to manage API Delivery and Security with Rajesh Mittal, VP Technologies, Amerindia and Wayne Delisser, Solution Architect, Vordel

Next Generation API Delivery Platform Whitepaper
This whitepaper will examine how the application architecture is changing to enable the rapid delivery of business services via APIs

White Paper: Enterprise API Management
This white paper is written for enterprise architects or persons with similar responsibilities that seek to understand the API management technology landscape, and are involved in the development of API management strategy and reference architecture.

Vordel API Server
Vordel API Server Datasheet. This datasheet provides a detailed overview of the Vordel API Server

Enterprise APIs and Public APIs
Over at, Kin Lane has a great list of "Successful APIs to look at when planning your API". These include Ebay and Flickr. It's a great list, showing how APIs can be very different from each other.

Configuring Load-Balancing using a Remote Host on the Vordel API Server
Did you know you can use the Vordel API Server for downstream load-balancing? You can, and it's easy to setup. Here is how you do it:

Forwarding REST requests with dynamic routing at the Vordel API Server
A common basic requirement with the Vordel API Server is to simply forward REST API requests on to an application server. Now, you can do this on an API-by-API basis using the API Service Manager, as shown in the screenshot below.

Configuring on-the-wire compression at the Vordel API Server
On-the-wire compression is a simple way to speed up your API request traffic.