Vordel Version 7 Demo-Overview

Application Gateway Buyer’s Guide
What to look for when buying an Application/ XML / SOA Gateway. This comprehensive Buyer's Guide provides you with hype-free information to help you evaluate an application gateway (also known as XML gateway, SOA application gateway, and SOA appliance).

Fiorano ESB Integration Guide
How to configure the Vordel Application Gateway to integrate with the Fiorano ESB.

Energize Web Services with Redaction Action
Blog on how without the ability to redact Web Services using a Gateway, the inevitable proliferation of services will become a challenge to keep track of and a nightmare to manage the difficulty of applying code revisions or updates to each web service.

Oracle 10g Database Integration Guide
How to configure Vordel Application Gateway to authenticate and authorize to the Oracle 10g Express Edition database.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Integration Guide
How to monitor metric data originating from a Vordel Gateway using the Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) Grid Control stack of storage and presentation software.

Protecting XML Applications From Attacks
White paper on how to protect Web Services and applications from XML based attacks

Vordel Application Gateway
Vordel Application Gateway product data sheet

Working with Maven – Use Gateway as a Maven Repository
How to expose Gateway libraries to Maven and import Maven artifacts into the Gateway

Extending the Gateway using Maven
How to use Maven to create customer filters and extend the Gateway