Consumer APIs and Enterprise APIs
Consumer APIs and Enterprise APIs - the difference is the data

Webinar: The Expanding Role of Gateways in A Modern IT Architecture
In this webinar, Forrester Analyst Randy Heffner discusses the expanding usage of gateway technology and how it can be used to deploy Enterprise Applications Beyond The Network Perimeter; Consume Cloud Services Without Losing Control or Compromising Security and to Secure All Application Connections Using Enterprise Security Infrastructure

Application Gateway Buyer’s Guide
What to look for when buying an Application/ XML / SOA Gateway. This comprehensive Buyer's Guide provides you with hype-free information to help you evaluate an application gateway (also known as XML gateway, SOA application gateway, and SOA appliance).

SOA Security, EBS Building Society Case Study
EBS Building Society discuss how the financial services firm approaches security for SOA

Best Practice Architecture for SOA
Presentation on best practice architecture for SOA with 5 case study examples

Protecting XML Applications From Attacks
White paper on how to protect Web Services and applications from XML based attacks

Cloud Gateway Solution
Vordel Cloud Gateway solution data sheet

Webinar: Sicherheit bei der Verwendung von Webservices
Webinar: Es werden die wichtigsten Security Maßnahmen beim Einsatz von Webservice an einem Beispiel aus der Praxis, der „Deutsche Bausparkasse Badenia AG “, gezeigt.

Integrating Security Into SOA
White paper outlining the commercial issues involved in securing Service Oriented Architectures

XML Security Guide
Guide to the security problems associated with XML and how they can be solved