OAuth Enterprise Patterns
In this webinar, API and security experts from Vordel and aurionPro SENA will discuss enterprise deployment patterns for OAuth.
OAuth has become the de-facto standard for securing Cloud and mobile APIs, yet most of the published OAuth use cases relate to social media and consumer centric scenarios. Implementing OAuth for B2B use cases is by no means a straight forward exercise and very little has been documented about how to use OAuth with legacy security protocols or indeed existing enterprise IT infrastructures. For more on OAuth from Vordel see http://resources.vordel.com/index.php/tag/oauth/

It’s Time To Take Edge-of-The-Cloud Security Seriously

Are Network Perimeters the Berlin Walls of Cloud IDM?
A single enterprise wide identity and access management (IAM) platform is a noble but unattainable goal. The network perimeter is now a metaphorical “Berlin Wall” between the two identity platform domains of Cloud and On-Premise.

Webinar: Bridging Security from The Enterprise to The Cloud
Webinar on how to extend enterprise security platforms to protect Cloud based resources. Cloud computing presents significant value to organizations. However, the downside is that few organizations wish to trust third-parties with their corporate data. To address this, Vordel enables organizations Bridging Security from the enterprise to the Cloud safely without undermining their underlying corporate security policies.

Securing the API Keys to the Cloud
Why the protection of API Keys should be key to enterprise's Cloud security strategy

Strategic Role Cloud Service Brokers Will Play in the Cloud
Podcast about why cloud service brokers are a foundation for integration across Cloud based services

Is Cloud Computing Ready for Prime Time?
Vordel CEO, Vic Morris, discusses why Cloud computing is a compelling model and which verticals are at adopting Cloud computing

Cloud Governance in The 21st Century
White paper on how to extend governance to Cloud based services

Siebel Gateway Solution
Vordel Siebel Gateway solution data sheet

Cloud Gateway Solution
Vordel Cloud Gateway solution data sheet