How to convert from REST to SOAP
How to convert from REST to SOAP. The popular advantages of REST over SOAP are well known: It's easier to write a REST client,.. But what if you have SOAP Web Services and your clients are crying out for REST Web Services instead?

eBook – How to build an enterprise API platform
Embrace the API economy today and make it work for your organization, customers, partners and employees. Download this free eBook today: How To Build an Enterprise API Platform "20 Ways To Better Deliver, Manage & Secure APIs"

OAuth Enterprise Patterns
In this webinar, API and security experts from Vordel and aurionPro SENA will discuss enterprise deployment patterns for OAuth.
OAuth has become the de-facto standard for securing Cloud and mobile APIs, yet most of the published OAuth use cases relate to social media and consumer centric scenarios. Implementing OAuth for B2B use cases is by no means a straight forward exercise and very little has been documented about how to use OAuth with legacy security protocols or indeed existing enterprise IT infrastructures. For more on OAuth from Vordel seeĀ

Vordel Policy Studio Demo API Server
Vordel Policy Studio is a powerful full feature tool which is used for editing and creating the policies that run on the Vordel API Server. For more on Vordel Policy Studio see

Vordel API Server is a comprehensive platform for managing, delivering, and securing APIs. Vordel API Server is for all types of APIs; including REST APIs for mobile and Web, SOAP APIs for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), file based interfaces for B2B integration and other types of application integration interfaces.

Vordel Certified Network Administrator
Vordel Certified Network Administrator course for Network Administrators in the frontline of today's enterprise Cloud, Mobile and SOA challenges

Vordel Certified System Engineer
Vordel Certified System Engineer course for Enterprise Architects & Software Engineers in the frontline of today's enterprise Cloud, Mobile & SOA challenges

Next Generation API Delivery Platform Whitepaper
This whitepaper will examine how the application architecture is changing to enable the rapid delivery of business services via APIs

Vordel API First Infographic
Vordel API First Infographic. Vordel API Server - Connecting Business, Mobile and Cloud

Webinar: The Expanding Role of Gateways in A Modern IT Architecture
In this webinar, Forrester Analyst Randy Heffner discusses the expanding usage of gateway technology and how it can be used to deploy Enterprise Applications Beyond The Network Perimeter; Consume Cloud Services Without Losing Control or Compromising Security and to Secure All Application Connections Using Enterprise Security Infrastructure

REST your SOAP, and don’t worry, be happy
Blog article on how an application gateway is ideally suited to convert REST to SOAP in a clean, efficient manner without recourse to coding.