Convergence of API and SOA Governance Gets Underway

Convergence of API and SOA Governance Gets Underway

Within most enterprise IT organizations there is a tension between classic approaches to middleware based on software-oriented architectures (SOA) and approaches based on APIs that are easier to build and deploy but potentially more difficult to manage.

But Axway CTO Mark O’Neill says in reality the way APIs will be used in the enterprise will be as a layer of services that will make systems based on SOA more accessible to, for example, mobile computing applications.

Are you using yesterday’s SOA architecture for today’s $OA applications?
As enterprises seek to integrate Cloud and Mobile channels, enterprise IT architects are presented with many new challenges. The traditional architecture for web based applications does not always effectively link to mobile and cloud side applications.

Vordel Policy Studio Demo API Server
Vordel Policy Studio is a powerful full feature tool which is used for editing and creating the policies that run on the Vordel API Server. For more on Vordel Policy Studio see

Vordel API Server is a comprehensive platform for managing, delivering, and securing APIs. Vordel API Server is for all types of APIs; including REST APIs for mobile and Web, SOAP APIs for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), file based interfaces for B2B integration and other types of application integration interfaces.

Vordel Certified Network Administrator
Vordel Certified Network Administrator course for Network Administrators in the frontline of today's enterprise Cloud, Mobile and SOA challenges

Vordel Certified System Engineer
Vordel Certified System Engineer course for Enterprise Architects & Software Engineers in the frontline of today's enterprise Cloud, Mobile & SOA challenges

SOA Governance with Vordel Gateway

This video shows how to protect and govern SOA Services with the Vordel Gateway. It also shows who the Vordel Reporter is used to monitor the usage of Web Services. See for more on SOA Security from Vordel

Secure SOA And Integrate To Enterprise Identity Management
Network firewalls do not block message level threats. Web application firewalls only protect web applications. Vordel API Server detects and prevents message level threats for SOA web service traffic, scanning at the protocol header level (e.g. HTTP headers), SOAP header level (for security tokens and timestamps), XML level, and attachment level. The API Server also performs schema validation and can enforce schema usage policies. See the API Protection page for a full list of protection the Vordel API Server provides out-of-the-box.

Configuring Load-Balancing using a Remote Host on the Vordel API Server
Did you know you can use the Vordel API Server for downstream load-balancing? You can, and it's easy to setup. Here is how you do it:

Following real-time API design
It's fascinating to read Steve Chamber's real-time notes on the design of his API. In particular, I was interested in the section on which authentication model to use. It's such a common question: which authentication scheme to use for APIs.

Vordel Reporter Screencast Web Services for SOA Governance
vordel reporter screencast

SOA Security, EBS Building Society Case Study
EBS Building Society discuss how the financial services firm approaches security for SOA