Vordel Reporter

Vordel Reporter is a web interface that displays metrics about the messages and services under the control of Vordel Gateways. Vordel now provides updated features found in this video in Vordel API Server http://www.vordel.com/products/Features.html

Vordel API Server
Vordel API Server is a unified platform that provides all the required infrastructure services for the management, delivery, and security of APIs. These services can be summarized in the following six categories:

  • API transformation
  • API control and governance
  • API security
  • API monitoring
  • API development lifecycle
  • API administration
See the API Server Datasheet for a full overview of our API Server.

White Paper: Enterprise API Management
This white paper is written for enterprise architects or persons with similar responsibilities that seek to understand the API management technology landscape, and are involved in the development of API management strategy and reference architecture.

Mashing Up SalesForce API
Mashing Up the SalesForce API with CDYNE's EmailVerify API

Enabling OAuth To A Google JSON API Using The Vordel API Gateway
Enabling OAuth To A Google JSON API Using The Vordel API Gateway

API Management: The value of an Audit Trail for blocked REST API calls
In this blog post from our API Management series, an often-overlooked aspect of security is the Audit Trail. In the case of a REST API, we want to know not only that a REST API call was blocked, but why it was blocked.

API Management: How to call an API from the Vordel Gateway
In this blog post from our API Management series we discuss how to call out to an API from within the Vordel Application Gateway and then use the response in a request to another destination.

Webinar: Bridging Security from The Enterprise to The Cloud
Webinar on how to extend enterprise security platforms to protect Cloud based resources. Cloud computing presents significant value to organizations. However, the downside is that few organizations wish to trust third-parties with their corporate data. To address this, Vordel enables organizations Bridging Security from the enterprise to the Cloud safely without undermining their underlying corporate security policies.

Symantec Scan Engine Integration Guide
How to configure the Vordel Gateway to perform virus scanning using the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) functionality in the Gateway.

OpenJMS Integration Guide
How to configure the Gateway to perform protocol translation.

Oracle 10g Database Integration Guide
How to configure Vordel Application Gateway to authenticate and authorize to the Oracle 10g Express Edition database.