The IAM-As-An-API Era: You Must Become A Cloud Identity Services Provider

Federated single sign-on has invaded the social networking world, with the “social sign-in” pattern demonstrating powerful new ways of sourcing identity data. Enterprises managing employee populations need to draw the right lessons from this pattern — no, not moving to social logins for every purpose, but exposing APIs to the identity information for which you’re authoritative — and calling others’ APIs for the rest. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to move to IAM-as-an-API and other elements of Forrester’s Zero Trust model of identity and information security.

Outline of topics covered

  • How the consumerization of IT and its cousins are challenging IAM traditions
  • The open Web needs Zero Trust to solve tough security, identity, and agility problems
  • How to leverage emerging technologies to provide your own cloud identity services