Think outside the box – Strategies for extending your IBM DataPower beyond SOA to engage Cloud, Mobile and Social Channels with Axway

IBM DataPower was a fit for purpose SOA Gateway appliance designed to secure and accelerate your XSLT, however customers are experiencing its limitations as they need to engage Cloud, Mobile and Social channels in an increasingly Web Oriented Architecture.

In this webinar we explore how a more agile integration and security solution capable of embracing the demands of delivering Web APIs whilst mediating across REST, JSON and SOAP aswell as security protocols such as OAuth and OpenID can run alongside your DataPower appliances. Vijay will present a comparative analysis of the merits of both the DataPower and Axway gateways, but also provide real world tales from the trenches of implementing both products. Mark will complement this analysis with architectural patterns to show how the Axway API Server can take your IBM DataPower installation to meet the demands of the next generation IT infrastructure.

What you will learn:

  • How to focus DataPower on its strengths as it approaches End of Life
  • How DataPower can embrace Cloud and Mobile
  • How to extend your DataPower appliances to non-IBM enterprise applications
  • How to save costs where it doesn’t make sense to continue using DataPower