Webinar: Using Standards to Manage Access to SOA and Cloud Services

In this Webinar, participants will learn how a Gateway and a Policy Server work together to apply policies to SOA and Cloud services. These policies control not only who accesses the services, but also when they access the services, how they use the services, and how the access control decision is made. This Webinar will describe a best practice framework that scales to high-volume usage and allows reuse of policies, promoting efficiency and reducing time-to-market and developments costs.


Gerry Gebel
VP North America
Mark O’Neill
Felix Gaehtgens
Senior Analyst
Kuppinger Cole

What Will You Learn?

  • How to extend a secured environment beyond the corporate boundary and into the Cloud.
  • How to avoid heavy integration costs and generate higher returns on investment on existing infrastructures.
  • How an XML Gateway and XACML-based policy server combination provides maximum security with optimized access control.

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